Hire Local Painter in Northern Virginia

Hire An Experienced & Affordable Local Painter

Our residential and commercial paint service has created loyal and repeat customers throughout Northern Virginia and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our team will help with all types of paint projects including stain work. We are committed to providing the highest quality results. We expect to exceed your expectations.

Painting is among the most cost effective ways to update your interior or exterior living space. As easy as it may sound, the end result is very different when you use an experienced painting company like C.S. Baldwin. We focus on details. Depending on the size and room shape, you may want to select two, three, or even more colors. There are the siding, accent colors for shutters, moldings, doors, window sashes, brackets, columns, and decks. We know the balance between too many colors that can be overwhelming, and too few that can seem flat and uninteresting.

Commercial Professional Services

All the benefits of experience and product for our residential work is equally available for businesses.

Call us to schedule any office painting needed. Professional offices, schools, churches health care facilities and more have all called upon us for our expert painting service. Our crews are professional and respectful we will accomplish the job with as little disruptions to your daily operations as possible.

Whether you are freshening up existing colors or selecting new colors, C.S. Baldwin painters has the experience to assist in your decision. Selecting colors can be difficult. If you pick a color that is, well, blah… then your house will seem flat and featureless. But if you pick colors that are too bold, you may overwhelm the architecture. We know you are ultimately the boss, but we also know the best colors will highlight the features of your property. Skillful use of paint and texture can even cover design flaws and boost curb appeal and market value of your property!

Your buildings need special care! Whether your business or your home, we know only the best will be satisfactory when it comes to painting.

We have plenty of ideas to help you make your decisions. We take indoor and outdoor painting seriously, because we know you do. Study the variety of services we offer, whether interior painting, exterior painting, repairs for residential and commercial properties, siding repairs, or interior drywall work. Our diversity is one of the main reasons we’re known as the premier painting service in the Northern Virginia Washington Metropolitan area.

Why Use C.S. Baldwin?

On Time: The job is done on time with minimal disruption to your living space
On Budget: No Surprises – We work within the understood budget
Clean: We do the job right the first time and keep you in mind during the project.
Experienced: Over 25 Years of skilled professional painting experience

  • On Budget
  • Clean
  • Licensed and Insured